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When, how and where we ride. link to etiquette


Two Vales reverse 75596.7094224m

OCC Tour of the Two Vales 78839.3586086m
A good one for winter. Not too long or hilly but likely to test the legs with a headwind at some point.

OCC Tour of Two Vales 82867.2479953m
A good one for winter. Not too long or hilly but likely to test the legs with a headwind at some point. Watch for speed humps down form Old Boars Hill and careful crossing the A420, as usual.

The North East Fresh 60 96264.0843208m
This is a bit of a different route out of town when wanting to makes the most of a NE tailwind on the way home. Watch the bends between Garsington and Milton and perhaps single file on the A329 to Milton Common.

OCC Short and Flat 89396.4848698m
Good one for wet or early morning ice, keeping to more open roads without any steep, potentially dangerous descents.

OCC West flattie 103531.798366m
Flat-ish westerly into the Cotswolds, via Brighthampton, Aston, north of Carterton. Through the picturesque villages of Eastleach Turville and Southrop before heading back via Clanfield, Bampton and back into Oxford via Buckland and Appleton.

Wednesday Frosty 71263.7383428m
A shorter ride to lessen the exposure to a chilly NW wind. Get your gloves on!

OCC Watlington Hill and back via Thame and Brill 88353.8581316m

Another Excuse for Cake 84704.2656431m
Many of the well known roads we take to the cafe we all know for the stuff we all love. Caffeine, cake and cycling.

Wednesday Cake-Off 77234.9603289m
November, Chadlington, cake. That'll do it.

Wednesday Cake-Off 77234.9603289m
November, Chadlington, cake. That'll do it.

OCC Bumps after Burford 86728.4532798m
Relatively flat ride out west before looping north through Burford and back along the Windrush Valley, with the majority of the climbing coming in the third quarter of the ride.

OCC Marky Mark's Cotswold Classic 109263.85229m
An absolute belter of a ride devised by Mark Howard and first ridden by the club in September 2017. It was an instant hit with all lucky enough to enjoy the early autumn sunshine! It's a Cotswolds ride, but taking an unusual route out of the city via Boars Hill, then wiggling its way via Fyfield, Bampton and Brize Norton, before exploring some quintessential Cotswold scenery and villages to the north of Burford. The undulating  road home takes you through some familiar villages, including Leafield, Finstock and Eynsham.

OCC Social Ride 30th September 71934.7316243m

OCC Midweek Lardy Cakes 84560.3451619m
Lumpy route to Burford, with obligatory stop at Huffkins for coffee and lardy cake. Flat route home through usual suspects and back into Oxford via Appleton Cumnor.

OCC Tour of Britain ride 86218.5506901m

Eastern Promise 106823.336939m
It's a bit of a trick to make your way directly east of Oxford, so this route aims to do just that. It's pretty flat until Kingston Blount and then the shapes all change. It stays hilly until just outside of Princess Risborough and then takes a break till just after Cuddington, when the incline stick is brought out again. Once you're down from Brill. there's the short but often deal breaking little climb through Stanton St John and the long drag up to the Elsfield turn off. Drill it through there and you're pretty much back into town. Phew!

The Torotastic Seventy 112497.791743m
Perfect for a sunny days ouch fest this one. Get yer climbing legs and your dodgy descent radar tuned. If you haven't ridden these roads before, best go with someone who has, as this ride has some potentially dangerous sections, particularly on the climbs and descents on the other side of the B4009. It's not a ride if you lack form, but a great one if you do.

OCC Social Ride 26 August 74244.0771331m
Out of Oxford over Boars Hill (the only major climb of the day!) then quiet, good roads all the way to Childrey and coffee stop at Childrey Stores. Then heading for home, flirting along the edge of the Ridgeway, before heading back to Oxford via Kingston Lisle, Charney Basset and Appleton.

OCC Social Ride 26 August 75974.8431325m
Out of Oxford over Boars Hill (the only major climb of the day!) then quiet, good roads all the way to Childrey and coffee stop at Childrey Stores. Then heading for home, flirting along the edge of the Ridgeway, before heading back via Uffington back home.

OCC Spaghetti Western 107140.654871m
Not so much of a climbers route as a route for tearing it up on the way back with a fat westerly. Most of the climbing comes just getting out of town,where most of the traffic ungoodness is as well (yes, that is now officially a word). It's main design is to get that little bit more west than usual without breaking the distance/time bank and to come back in an easterly as possible way. Hi ho Silver! And blue. And red.

Cafe Wednesday 55 miler 89885.5296641m
A bit of roundabout take on many of the south west classics, hopefully with a cheeky coffee thrown in. Who's up??

The Hunnbunny Express 97494.5773091m
Another Chilterns joy fest for everyone. This ride is about getting a bit of elevation and making a South Oxford exit and return with a brief run along the ridgeway of the some of the Chilterns. Watch the narrow and crappy roads through Denton and Cuddeston. Take care on the B480 coming from Christmas Common over to Britwell Hill and the traffic on the B4009. Watch the crappy roads and tight turns after Ewelme toward Benson.

Social Ride II 69415.5558659m
Cafe stop at Aston Pottery

OCC Social Ride Saturday 12 August 72216.8770439m
At 45 miles and with only 380 metres of climbing, this is as flat as they come, with only significant inclines being the drag of Cumnor Hill as we head out of Oxford and the short, sharp Old Boars Hill on our return! The rest of the ride takes in the Thames Valley with long stretches of quiet roads. The route factors in a cake stop at Bampton Garden Plants Cafe at the 25 mile mark and the smooth stretch of asphalt between the villages of Southmoor and West Hanney is perfect for practising group rotations! . Old Boars Hill may test a few tired legs, but the route can be easily shortened by coming back via a more benign route through Cumnor village.

OCC 50 AC Eastleach 80394.7479615m
50 miles from Farmoor shops back to bottom of Cumnor Hill. Via Witney, Minster Lovell, Burford, Eastleach, Clanfield, Bampton/Aston cafes and Standlake. A few minor lumps first half, flat second half.

OCC Social Ride 29 July 73243.8592434m
Loop north via Eynsham and Witney with a cafe stop at Chadlington at the 22 mile/36km mark, then looping back via Spelsbury and Kiddington and back into Oxford passing through Hampton Poyle and Summertown

OCC Sheepdrove Diversion 101491.817334m
Not the usual Lambourn n back! Slow ride through the Letcombes to take in their beauty and then a little detour and in the back way to Lambourn. Return route good for South Westerleys 🙂

Morning Tea at Twyford 88028.6090865m
This is designed as three hour mid week ride that's not too hilly and takes advantage of a north easterly tailwind home. And what's a mid week spin without a coffee stop?? The care of the sharp left at Baynards Green and the right turn onto the high street at Cottisford. Also take care crossing the A4421 and A41.

OCC Bourton-on-the-Water and back 104652.170574m
A Cotswold loop for when the wind is coming from the northeast. It starts off relatively benign, but just before Burford, the undulations begin, including the long trawl from Great Barrington to the Rissingtons, before turning for home via the infamous Charlbury Rollers and back into Oxford via East End, Freeland and the Eynsham toll bridge and through Farmoor.