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OCC Chiltern 900 97240.7714792m
Same route concocted by Webby, ridden in June 2018, but in reverse, heading out of south Oxford into the Chilterns via Ewelme. Three big climbs and then back through Thame and Stanton St John.

Sheepdrove Diversion II 102713.067642m
Out via Cumnor, taking in good roads between Southmoor and Childrey, over the Ridgeway and back via Blowingstone and Boars Hill.

OCC Southwest quiet diversions. 108836.801999m
A benign route - only 600 metres of climbing - that takes a lot of deviations onto quieter roads. Out via Cumnor, before heading out towards Shrivenham via Northmoor and Chimney Meadows, then back along the northern edge of the Ridgway, before heading back on quiet and familiar roads from Uffington.

Climbers Revenge 107682.599478m
A lumpy trip to the Chilterns and back

3 Fords Challenge 94643.1913107m

OCC Circular, undulating 66m Cotswolds loop 107139.570319m
Undulating but not too many big climbs. Heading out via Hinksey Hill and Fyfield, then NE to west of Witney before circling back via Leafield, Charlbury, Wootton and Bletchingdon and back into Oxford via Islip and Marston. Based on a route devised by Mark Howard and first ridden by OCC members on 22 October 2016

OCC Bourton-on-the-Water and back short 88656.5422447m
A shortened Cotswold loop for when the wind is coming from the northeast. It starts off relatively benign, turning off at Burford, the undulations begin, including the long trawl from Great Barrington to the Rissingtons, before turning for home via the infamous Charlbury Rollers and back into Oxford via East End, Freeland and the Eynsham toll bridge and through Farmoor.

Climber's Revenge 2018 93586.8773154m
A lumpy trip to the Chilterns and back

OCC Crocodiles & A Tail Wind Homeward 101416.208915m

OCC Chilterns via Brill loop 107630.624697m
Chilterns loop created by Webby. A great route featuring some excellent roads a little further east than the club often rides. First ridden in May 2018. Heads out via Marston, flirting around Brill before looping southwest into the Chilterns and tracking the hills. Hilly, but the final third is surprisingly fast and undemanding.

OCC Mike's Midweek Chadlington loop 73692.8718063m
A great weekday/evening length Cotswold ride - undulating and no overly challenging climbs, so a good one for a group of mixed ability. Out via Eynsham, then quiet roads to Chadlington via Leafield. Cafe de la Poste stop in Chadlington perhaps? Followed by a great spin home, north of Charlbury pn backroads, then out of Kiddington and fast back to town via Bletchingdon and Kidlington.  Not advisable when the weather poor or in winter, as some of the roads are a little ragged. 

OCC More bumps after Burford 109563.311522m
Out via Cumnor Hill and relatively flat to Burford, then up into the Barringtons and back though the Wychwoods towards Charlbury. Back into town via East End and Eynsham.

OCC Aldbourne roads less travelled 107985.069231m
Out via familiar roads to Lambourn, with the long slog up to Sparsholt Firs the only big climb of the ride. Rather than turning for home at Lambourn, this route takes us on a rare sortie over the M4 followed by a fast, long descent into Aldbourne and the lovely gentle climb back out of the valley via Lottage Road. The route flits around the western fringes of the Ridgeway, via backroads into Shrivenham and fast back to Oxford, with a detour via Charney Bassett and Garford and back home via Cothill and the final bump of Boars Hill.

No Rumble on the Tumble - OCC Dragon Tour II (shorter version) 104289.163985m

Rumble on the Tumble - OCC Dragon Tour II 116313.19962m

OCC Northen Escape 107456.126854m
This scenic route takes in some of the Cotswolds, North Oxfordshire and Northamptionshire. Not too hilly but with some uphill drags for bragging rights, it's potentially a fast ride with the right tailwind. Take care when crossing the A4260 at both points. The Brackley road between Hinton-in-the-Hedges and Croughton is narrow and dodgy, as is the left turn into Croughton. Take care coming into Somerton. Hopefully, the rest you know by now!

OCC Last of the Winter rides 98166.1690083m

Lambourn 60 miler on the button 96564.8777832m
Out via Cumnor Hill heading towards Kingston Bagpuize and the heading out on good roads towards Childrey. Over the Ridgeway via Sheepdrove into Lambourn and back via Ashbury, Uffington and threading back towards Cothill and back into town with a slight deviation around Boars Hill.

Fast, Flat and Furious (& probably wet!) 80542.9583237m

Two Vales reverse 75596.7094224m

OCC Tour of the Two Vales 78839.3586086m
A good one for winter. Not too long or hilly but likely to test the legs with a headwind at some point.

OCC Tour of Two Vales 82867.2479953m
A good one for winter. Not too long or hilly but likely to test the legs with a headwind at some point. Watch for speed humps down form Old Boars Hill and careful crossing the A420, as usual.

The North East Fresh 60 96264.0843208m
This is a bit of a different route out of town when wanting to makes the most of a NE tailwind on the way home. Watch the bends between Garsington and Milton and perhaps single file on the A329 to Milton Common.

OCC Short and Flat 89396.4848698m
Good one for wet or early morning ice, keeping to more open roads without any steep, potentially dangerous descents.

OCC West flattie 103531.798366m
Flat-ish westerly into the Cotswolds, via Brighthampton, Aston, north of Carterton. Through the picturesque villages of Eastleach Turville and Southrop before heading back via Clanfield, Bampton and back into Oxford via Buckland and Appleton.

Wednesday Frosty 71263.7383428m
A shorter ride to lessen the exposure to a chilly NW wind. Get your gloves on!

OCC Watlington Hill and back via Thame and Brill 88353.8581316m

Another Excuse for Cake 84704.2656431m
Many of the well known roads we take to the cafe we all know for the stuff we all love. Caffeine, cake and cycling.

Wednesday Cake-Off 77234.9603289m
November, Chadlington, cake. That'll do it.

OCC Bumps after Burford 86728.4532798m
Relatively flat ride out west before looping north through Burford and back along the Windrush Valley, with the majority of the climbing coming in the third quarter of the ride.